Our team puts you, the client first because the project is the client’s not ours. We engage project owners in the earliest stages of systems design to create buildings and facilities with the function they need, no matter how complex the project is.Thearchitects trust us and often give us their drawings and write us their proposals and they know that through our experience weare going to build smart, functional and efficient systems with an appreciation for the aesthetic.

If there is something new to know about mechanical or electrical design or any equipment technology in the market, we are the first to study it. We have anunyielding hunger for knowledge which is fed by continuing education as we are attending in many seminars and ongoing certifications. There is a tight collaboration among our people that allows us to understand how one decision or a complex series of decisionswill affect the total design. Nothing is left to chance when you work with C.A.S.E.

We are extremely detailed and thorough in our construction documents. Our associates and clients tell us that they love to build our projects, because we give them a realistic picture how a system for example will be. We take this a step further by ensuring that all of the information is completely understood. By communicating effectively, responding quickly, and remaining available to all of the project stakeholders at all times.



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