At C.A.S.E, we design and monitor the installation of mechanical and electrical services in new builds and refurbishment projects. We offer a full range of engineering and energy services across all sectors, including commercial, financial, healthcare, retail &leisure, government, education and industrial.

We undertake case studies for all Mechanical and Electrical installations, including the appropriate materials are going to be used and their specifications, and documents for all types of contracts and tendering procedures. A case study is composed for two factors:

  1. to help the clients to understand the details of an installation and
  2. to be sent to the government for building permit.

We work with an informed and innovative approach to all aspects of design solutions and cost control, as well as full collaboration with other disciplines involved in any design team. Constant consideration is also given to the economic, environmental and social sustainability of our designs, as well as energy and resource consumption.


services mechanical


C.A.S.E. Consulting Engineers provide mechanical services for all types of buildings and design systems aimed to long-term comfort and energy efficiency for facility owners and occupants...

services energy


Almost the half proportion of energy consumption in the European Union is due to buildings’ operation.The result of the continuously growth of this sector has driven to significant building regulations...

services electrical

C.A.S.E. Consulting Engineers has comprehensive experience in electrical engineering that includes electrical design and specifications for building permit approval...


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