Mechanical services are the hidden results in a building or household – results you don’t see – and often are the best ones. You do not want to hear it, see it, or feel it and mostly you do not want a huge power bill. Our C.A.S.E Engineers provide mechanicalservices for all types of buildings and are dedicated to designing systems aimed to long-term comfort and energy efficiency for facility owners and occupants.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)
  • Central Heating with Hot Water Radiators and Under Floor Heating
  • Hot and Cold Water Services
  • Water Waste and Drainage
  • Sewage Systems
  • Fire Fighting Services
  • Gas Storage and Distribution
  • Cleaning Vacuum System
  • Swimming Pools Design
  • Medical and Laboratory Gases
  • Oil Storage and Supply Schemes
  • Steam
  • Cold Rooms
  • Water Supply Systems
  • Irrigation Schemes
  • Water Treatment Plant Systems
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Lift Installations



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