C.A.S.E. Consulting Engineers has comprehensive experience in electrical engineering that includes:


Electrical design and specifications for building permit approval:

  • Ventilation, Cooling and Air Conditionings Design of main protection devices, main distribution board and sub-distribution boards according to 17th Edition of Electrical and Wiring Regulations (IEE Wiring Regulations)
  • Design of earthing system
  • Electrical calculations for cables, short-circuit currents etc., according to the Regulations
  • Lighting design of inside and outside including suggestions for low consuming lights
  • Design of power system (sockets, kitchen appliances, Air Condition units etc.)
  • Design of television installation
  • Design of telephone, intercom and data installation
  • Design for under voltage and over voltage protection
  • Design of fire alarm system
  • Design of security systems
  • Design of CCTV systems
  • Consulting services for water or gas leakage
  • Design of sound systems

Additional services:

  • Supervision of electrical contractor
  • Preparing tender’s documentation and evaluation of tender’s quotations
  • Special lighting design using specialised software
  • Design of backup power supply (generators or UPS)
  • Building automation design by KNX Partner
  • Design of lighting protection



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